NYU Instructor

Statistics: Summer 2019, Summer 2020, Summer 2021

NYU Teaching Assistant

Master's Microeconomics: Spring 2019, Spring 2020, Spring 2021

Industrial Organization: Spring 2018, Summer 2021

Introduction to Microeconomics: Fall 2018

Microeconomics Analysis: Fall 2019, Fall 2020

Microeconomics with Calculus (NYU Stern): Fall 2021, Spring 2022

Microeconomics with Algebra (NYU Stern): Spring 2022

UCSB Campus Learning Assistance Services Group Leader

Linear Algebra, Statistics, Microeconomics, 2014-2016

A Brief Teaching Origin Story

As an undergraduate I was graciously hired as a group instructor for UCSB's Campus Assisted Learning Services, the only teaching position available for undergraduates. This experience exposed me to the joy of teaching at an early stage of my education, and revealed the remarkable impact that just a single lesson can have on students. As I continued to teach for my final two years at UCSB, the positive feedback I received in this role became a crucial factor in my decision to pursue academia. I have since then considered my love for teaching to be a primary component of my career.

Commentary Highlights

Summer 2021 Statistics

  • “Excellent professor. Great lecture, clear notes.”

  • “Although it was online, Mr. Bjorke did a fantastic job making the material easier to understand through many examples.”

  • “Isaac's homework grading system helps a lot. We feel less pressure from having to complete it for perfect accuracy.”

  • “He was very clear and concise about the topics. His questions were not intended to trick you, rather help you grasp the material.”

Fall 2020 Microeconomic Analysis

  • “One of the best TA’s I've ever met”

  • “I love Isaac, he is even more effective than the prof!!”

  • “The light amidst the darkness. The saving grace of the class. Isaac was flipping fantastic! I wish him the best in the coming years. He easily explained everything that was happening in the class in half of the time that the professor did. He gave practice questions that were relevant to what was being taught. He met with me outside of class multiple times.”

  • “Isaac seems like the best possible TA for this course with a strong understanding of the topics, and I think he did a great job with what material he was given; no complaints.”

Spring 2020 Master’s Microeconomics

  • “Isaac was a great TA. He was very helpful with all the class material (quite frankly, better than the professor). He was always well prepared for the recitations.”

  • “Our TA did a great job the entire semester and I preferred learning from him than I did the professor. He was much more clear and went through material in a much more digestable manner.”

  • “Everything I learned in this course was thanks to Isaac. He was great and engaging and made the classes interesting and fun, even the online ones. Overall, I think Isaac really wanted us to LEARN, which is great. If he likes it, he should definitely continue teaching.”

  • “Isaac is a really excellent TA who was able to help make complex problems clear. I often left lecture feeling overwhelmed and confused but recitation helped set things straight. I also appreciated that he took care not to make students feel stupid for asking questions, so we were all able to get the most out of the session.”

Fall 2019 Microeconomic Analysis

  • “Funny, charming, and well spoken. Clearly knows what he’s talking about and very responsive to emails and questions.”

  • “Isaac is really good at explaining complicated concepts and makes them understandable. He gives us a lot of practical problems to solve and has made the course easier to understand.”

  • “Isaac knows material very well and effectively explains each concept to us.”

  • “Engaging and passionate about the material being taught.”