Columbia University Lecturer

NYU Instructor

NYU Teaching Assistant (2016-2022)

Master's Microeconomics, Industrial Organization, Introduction to Microeconomics, Microeconomic Analysis, Microeconomics with Calculus (NYU Stern), Microeconomics with Algebra (NYU Stern)

A Brief Statement on Teaching

I began teaching part-time as an undergrad at UCSB. Teaching microeconomics, math, and statistics during my last two years introduced me to the incredible fulfillment of teaching, which to this day I consider the primary aspect of my career.

I have since had the privilege of teaching microeconomics, math, behavioral economics, and statistics to undergraduates and master's students at UCSB, NYU, and Columbia University.

Commentary Highlights

MA Math Methods for Economists, Fall 2023

Intermediate Microeconomics, Spring 2023

Behavioral Economics Seminar, Spring 2023

MA Math Methods for Economists, Fall 2022

Intermediate Microeconomics, Fall 2022

Statistics, Summer 2021

Microeconomic Analysis, Fall 2020